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Unreal Estates

Platform: Android

Size: 30 MB

Contains Ads: Yes

Developer: Techbridge Interactive

Price: Free

Players: Single-Player, Multi-Player (Split-Screen)

Genre: Casual, Board, Arcade, City-Building


Unreal Estate is one of the simplest turn-based games in the world you will encounter. The map contains tiles that have a certain value that the player is unaware of. After clicking on the tile ie. after acquiring that tile (piece of land) you will make use of it and gain profit out of that tile which is your value. That value gets added to your total score. The opponent clicks on a tile and gets a value similar to yours. Currently we all gain a profit from our lands. I haven't introduced losses (negative values) yet.

The graphics has been kept simple yet vibrant and buildings are represented by simple blocks that vary in height depending on their profit value. Unreal Estate is a great past-time if there are two people around. Play with the A.I. and try out your luck if there is no one around.

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