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Unreal Estates


Construct a cute little city while solving arithmetic problems involving addition, subtraction, multiplication & division. Tap on the tile with the correct answer to the given question to construct your building on that tile. You will be given limited number of chances to make mistakes. Too many mistakes and the game is over.

Sounds interesting? Try it out!

How good are you at Math?

Unreal Estates is an educational game that is aimed at testing your arithmetic skills. Answer simple questions to build your monochromatic city. Faster you answer, taller your buildings.

The Construction timer

Every new question starts a timer that will determine the height of your building. The height of the buildings in your city will act as a direct indicator of your performance and skill level.

Raise the stacks

Play in higher difficulty levels to challenge yourself and assess your math skills. Higher the difficulty level, lower the construction timer and lesser chances to make mistakes. Good luck!

Download Now

Unreal Estates is free and always will be. Download now from Google Play and start playing with your friends.

Please note that Unreal Estates does contain ads.


Scan the QR code above to download

directly on Mobile.

Share With Friends and Family

You can share the beautiful city you created with your friends, family and social media. Let your peers know how good you are at math. Unreal Estates is available in 3 different colour themes. 

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