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Unreal Estate Dark Mode

Platform: Android

Size: 30 MB

Contains Ads: No

Developer: Techbridge Interactive

Price: INR 25.00

Players: Single-Player, Multi-Player (Split-Screen)

Genre: Casual, Board, Arcade, City-Building


Unreal Estate is as simple as a game can get and yet be fun with a friend. Just click on the blocks to acquire money. The player at the end with the greater valuation wins. Simple isn't it.


If you end up clicking a blue tile you will have to pay some tax on the profits you earn. Not much, just 10%;

You can play and try out your luck with the A.I. if you don't have a friend immediately around.

What is different?
1) This is the ad free version of Unreal Estates.
2) Dark atmosphere.
3) Computer A.I. have names of historical figures.
4) Endless mode available: Random maps are generated for 5 mins. The one with the higher score wins the game. You can play with both A.I. and humans. Taxes in human mode is 35%. Enjoy!

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