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Spark Five


Help our little android friend navigate across multiple, challenging levels in search of bio-matter. You see, we are in desperate need of those primarily to restore human civilization and undo the damage caused by our own problem child - A.I.

spark five main capsule
So they Say...

There was a time when humans moved freely across the Earth. 2029 and it is not the case. The world has turned dark. A shadow government comprising of high level officers, top leaders of powerful nations and some extremely rich multinational firms have come together to create an A.I. that has taken over every aspect of human life. They have employed cybernetic beings as guards that monitor and make sure you are a "good citizen", otherwise you are eliminated.

This oppressive rule soon led to a war after which we see the events of Spark Five unfold. Humans were almost wiped out, except for some colonies in moons of a certain gas giant.

Your Work

Play the Spark Campaign. Search and collect all the bio-mass capsules scattered across the map. Outrun patrolling guards, evade defensive turrets, use phantom replicas and mines to carve your way out to the evacuation point.

Play the Nemesis Campaign. Search and destroy the experimental labs created by the Spark Project in order to disrupt their mission of renovating human civilization. You have only one chance to do it right and time is against us. Extremely challenging timed missions without checkpoints.

Play custom scenarios against the consortium as a hired mercenary. Objectives vary with each level.

Get Spark Five Now

Spark Five is a top-down 3D platformer centred around a stealth style gameplay available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Please note that Spark Five doesn't contain any ads or IAP.

In-Game Assets
Gamepad Controls

Navigation: D-Pad

Place A Bomb: (B)

[Button 1 (Windows), Button 17 (MacOS)]

Create A Phantom Replica and Activate Shield: (X)

[Button 2 (Windows), Button 18 (MacOS)]

Activate/De-activate Lasers, Open Loot Boxes and

Place Charges On A Cargo Box: (A)

[Button 0 (Windows), Button 16 (MacOS)]

xbox controller
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