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Stygian Nebula: Spark Campaign Game-Play

The Spark android is not as strong as its military counterparts, however we have been promised that they are excel at stealth missions as well as search and destroy endeavors. One of the special abilities that has revolutionized the course of the war is the power to create phantom memory replicas of itself. Even if it is to a very limited extent, it is almost as if we have got a grip over time itself. But beware, the memory replicas require storage, so you will always have access to a limited amount only.

Stygian Nebula

This chapter will test all your skills that you have accumulated so far by playing the past chapters. You will have to move as soon as you land and follow a terminator, cross a bridge, and reach the end of the corridor, where you will get access to a room being defended by a flamethrower. Don't open your inventory yet.

You are required to collect 8 biomass capsules in this chapter. 4 of them are located at the central hall of the lab that also houses the evacuation point. Tough marines patrol all the 4 corridors surrounding the central hall. Here, you might want to use a bomb or two to clear out your path to the objective.

Following the last chapter, you will notice that every map is designed in such a way that the switch to turn off a laser is always located in a room diagonally opposite to the laser itself. This makes you run more, and encounter more defensive assets, which you will need to deal with accordingly. This is a difficult chapter but fun to play nonetheless. You might require more than 3 attempts to get it through and more than 5 attempts to get a 5 star. Don't worry, sometimes even I need more than 3 attempts to complete something that I created myself.


The map consists of 13 rooms arranged in a diagonally symmetric fashion, with 2 rooms out in the ocean, and connected by bridges. You start in one of these ocean rooms. There is central hall that consists of a cylindrical laser field protecting 4 capsules and the evacuation point.

Remember that every turn you take will matter in this chapter.


With this we come to the end of our sixth "How To Play" video. Thank you very much for your time and support, stay tuned for more.

Best regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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