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Post Saavan Update: Version 1.2.0

Updated: Aug 17

Saavan is the season of monsoon in India, that is accompanied by a lot of rain throughout the country. A very happy monsoon to all my Indian friends. Post this amazing season, I decided to release a major update for the game. A lot of things have changed. The entire look and feel of the game has received a gargantuan makeover while preserving the basic mechanics and play-style. Listed below are the prominent changes to the game. Check out the new screenshots on the steam page.


  • Shader updated.

  • General theme shading of the game has been changed from orange-yellow to blue-cyan. Game icon hue has been adjusted accordingly.

  • Post-Processing re-adjusted. Colored atmospheric ambience has been removed entirely.

  • Tutorial updated. Text-to-Speech functionality removed from all levels.

  • In-game achievement icons updated.

  • Steam store page updated. New trailer and screenshots added.

  • All game elements (models, particle effects, etc.) have been updated, excluding cargo boxes and loot boxes. The basic map arrangement, overall objectives, item pick-ups, turret positions and number of enemy guards for all levels remain the same.


  • Ambient music for all levels including main menu updated.

  • New explosion sounds added.

  • Footstep sound corresponds to walking on metal as opposed to walking on grass.

  • Added new sound effects associated with various actions in the game.


  • Main Menu updated. Settings panel is permanently visible. Option to enable/disable post-processing has been added to the settings panel.

  • UI elements like boxes, buttons, text, fonts, etc have been updated.

  • Minimap support removed entirely from the game.

  • Perspective camera field of view increased from 50 to 60.

  • Minor script adjustments made related to GUI.

Game Elements

  • Character models re-worked (main player and guards). Animations remain the same.

  • Spark form updated. Spark form is no longer a ball of lightning, rather a transparent glowing specter of the original character.

  • Rooms have been updated with new models and textures.

  • 4 types of turrets and associated bullets added. Type of turret has no impact on game-play.

  • Laser machine comes with a radar. A rotating radar indicates that the associated laser is on and vice-versa.

Game Mechanics

  • Movement speed of main player increased from 3.85 to 4.

  • You gain +30% bonus movement speed when in Spark form. The bonus is lost when you are reborn.

  • Enemy guards navigation agent radius reduced from 0.5 to 0.2.

  • Chase distance threshold of all enemy guards increased from 6 to 7, i.e. they will cease their pursuit if the distance between you and the guard is 7 units or more. (For reference, a room is 10 units X 10 units)

  • Re-adjusted detection boxes of enemy guards.

  • Time gained from picking up a Time Capsule increased from 23 seconds to 30 seconds.

  • Minimum fire rate of all turrets has been increased from 1 second to 2 seconds.

  • Turrets have limiters for bullets instead of time constraint. Bullets get de-spawned whenever they collide with the associated limiter or any other collider.

  • Speed of bullet varies randomly between 300 and 350 instead of a 300 flat value. Speed is calculated before bullet leaves the turret.

  • Spark Replicas can stop bullets.

  • All Nemesis Campaign levels have +60 seconds added to the starting timer and start with +1 bomb.

  • All Spark Campaign and Mercenarium levels start with +1 bombs and +1 replica.

  • Time required to achieve stars increased by 30 seconds for all Spark Campaign levels.


  • New explosion effects added.

  • New effects corresponding to item pick-ups added.

  • Relevant objects colliding laser produces sparks.

  • New particle effect for circular laser defense system.

Thank you very much for your support guys. Meet you again. Till then good luck and have fun.

Best Regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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