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October Update: Patch Release Version 1.2.3

Updated: Aug 17

A general update for the month of October. Few more changes, additions and adjustments were made to enhance user experience. Check out the relevant updates for the patch.

General Updates

  • Multiple bugs related to a number of levels were fixed.

  • Steam username, profile rank and profile picture of the player is now visible in the main menu along with a profile panel.

  • Game settings and achievements have been clumped together along with your stats in the profile panel.

  • "Loot Boxes Opened" stat added to the stats panel.

  • Mercenarium levels now grant achievement bonuses and stats (eg. guards killed, bombs placed, loot boxes opened).

  • 8 new achievements added.

  • Few adjustments made to the starting number of replicas and bombs for certain levels.

  • Current system time, network status and battery status is shown in the main menu.

  • New particle effects added to the Teleportation portal and canisters.

  • Alert icon over guards has been updated.

  • Removed the fourth type of turret. There are now 3 variations of turrets.

  • Loot boxes probability to grant replicas and bombs re-adjusted. The random number is calculated at the start of the level instead of while opening the box.

  • Minor graphics and resolution adjustments.

Version 1.2.3 marks the end of a long line of updates and changes that were started on Sep 3, 2019. The game has finally reached a stable state with absolute no bugs and game-play glitches.

What to expect in the coming months? Coming months will be witness to more game elements, characters, items, abilities and of course, new maps. New arcs for both campaigns will be added along with 20 new extremely challenging Mercenarium levels. You can also expect the story to be updated. Thank you very much and have fun playing Spark Five.

Best regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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