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Festive Season Update: Patch Release Version 1.2.2

Updated: Aug 17

Autumn has arrived and the festive season is in full bloom. Spark Five is now available in SteamOS + Linux platforms. Finally, after months of tweaking and adjusting Spark Five has reached a substantially stable release state. Version 1.2.2 is up on air on Steam, check out the relevant changes for this patch.

General Updates

  • Perspective camera field of view further increased from 60 to 62.

  • Turrets stop firing if the player is more than equal to 30 units from it.

  • Added Frustum Culling. Frustum Culling disables the renderers for objects that are outside the camera's viewing area.

  • Shader saturation of all objects increased by 0.1.

  • Graphics Quality settings re-adjusted, now has a total of 6 options (Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra) instead of 3 (Low, Medium, High).

  • Simple voices added to guards and the player (when detecting and dying).

  • HighScore system added to the Mercenarium custom scenarios. Your best score (time taken to complete the level) for each will be displayed below the objectives in the campaign panel. You will need to successfully complete the mission to get a score.

  • Minor map related bugs fixed.

  • Steam Cloud Integration completed. Please note that your progress up till now may have been reset (apologize for the inconvenience), due to a new system of saving and loading game data being implemented. Your steam achievements will not be affected.

  • Steam Username and profile pic are displayed in the menu scene. Hovering will show your current stats (guards killed, bombs planted, etc.).

So those were the most relevant changes that you need to look out for in this patch. Good luck and have fun playing Spark Five. I will soon start posting game-play videos (i.e. if I succeed in completing the level) and screenshots in the community.

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