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Exotic Sunset: Spark Campaign Game-Play

Updated: Aug 22

Let us introduce you to the game-play of a brand new chapter: Exotic Sunset. Exotic sunset is the fourth chapter of the Spark Campaign and is the first chapter where turrets are introduced.

Exotic Sunset

Exotic Sunset is much easier compared to the previous chapter. It is very much similar to the second chapter in terms of number of guards (defensive assets) and map structure. You will be para-trooped at the center of the map and will plenty of time to figure out how the map functions.

You are supposed to find 4 capsules and get safely to the evacuation point. Considering the generous inventory, you will not require more than 2 attempts to complete this chapter. If you are getting a hang of the game already then, one attempt will suffice. Getting a 5 star is also not a very difficult task.

Map Structure

The map is shaped like a square which is equally divided into 9 rooms. Almost all the corridors are open and facilitate easy navigation with the exception of one closed corridor. The wall that blocks the corridor is being constantly bombarded by a turret located to the top.

In terms of objectives, the map is divided into 2 parts, the top part that consists of 6 rooms and the bottom part consisting of the rest of the 3 rooms. In order to save time, you will need to collect all the capsules on the top portion and switch off the laser that blocks access to the bottom part, after which, the chapter is pretty much complete.

A Word On Turrets

As described in the documentation, turrets are defensive assets placed in strategic locations around the map. They can't be turned off and will fire at a constant rate. The bullet that is produced moves forward at a speed anywhere between 300-350. The bullet also has its own lifetime and might simply explode mid-air without hitting anything.

Turrets are lethal to enemy guards, so you can use them the same way as you might use a flamethrower to kill patrolling guards, by luring them into the turret's firing line.

Another thing to remember is that phantom replicas can block bullets and protect you from a dicey situation.


With this we come to the end of our fourth "How To Play" video. Thank you very much for your time and support, stay tuned for more.

Best regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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