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Demo Release: Know what Spark Five has to offer by trying out the free version

Updated: Aug 17

Just a little (very late) announcement

A free playable version of Spark Five has been released on Steam. Now you can test the game beforehand and check out the game-play. The demo version of the game includes the tutorial and the first 3 levels of the Spark Campaign. The Nemesis Campaign and the Mercenarium mode is disabled in the free version.

Most of the settings are open with the exception of the "Night Mode" game-play. All graphic quality and post-processing levels are available in the demo along with all the 9 languages that the game was originally released in.

Although Steam Achievements are unavailable in the demo version, individual stats such as "guards killed", "bombs placed" etc. are still recorded and will open up the achievements in the full version once the stats cross the required threshold. This means that the demo version and the full version share the same "save game" files.

Thank you very much for your time and support, now you can check out the demo version and get a taste of what Spark Five has to offer.

Best regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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