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Axis of Agares: Spark Campaign Game-Play

The initial number of capsules required to successfully create a human prototype was 39. So our android navigated across interstellar space and infiltrated various labs and redoubts, successfully collecting the capsules. Welcome everyone, to the seventh chapter of the Spark Campaign. Let us briefly go through the chapter and watch the "how to play" video.

Axis of Agares

Axis of Agares is what the name suggests. It is basically a very old lab with 4 long corridors intersecting at the center. The chapter is difficult due to the fact that you will have to navigate up-to-down, which sometimes limits visibility of incoming guards, especially if you are playing "without indicators". Axis of Agares will require real commitment and concentration to complete the level even once.

The game-play is actually very straightforward. You have 4 wings and you start in one of them. You will encounter the computer to switch off the laser that blocks the central room. From there, it is mostly left and right. The computer to switch off the laser defending the path to one of the wings will be located in another wing.

The number of guards is proportional to the number of rooms on the map, however, you might find a couple of rooms empty. Beware of flamethrowers and turrets as usual.


A symmetrical laboratory located in Mars, with four long corridors intersecting at the evacuation point. Each wing contains one biomass capsule, so use your explosive inventory wisely.

Remember to use your replicas only when necessary.


With this we come to the end of our seventh "How To Play" video. Thank you very much for your time and support, stay tuned for more.

Best regards,

Nishant Borthakur

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