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Autumn Essence: Season Change

Updated: Aug 17

Celebrating the advent of Fall and the fall of the Summer season. Version 1.2.0 witnessed some huge changes to the game, featuring a total makeover of the graphics, shaders, interface and overall experience. Yet here we are with more fine adjustments and iterations. Aiming to make the game a little more fast-paced and interesting, we present you with the changes listed below.


  • Added in-game documentation.

  • Minor changes to the tutorial.

  • Player stats now available in the Achievements section.

User Interface

  • Loading screen updated.

  • Menu panel inside all levels updated.

  • UI animations added to buttons and panels.

  • Clicking on ability buttons (bottom left corner) will activate the ability.

  • Time displayed after level ends has been re-adjusted.

  • Spark Campaign star achievements moved from level button to level description/briefing area.

  • Added icons to in-game elements in the tutorial. You can hover mouse cursor over to view object's name.


  • Laser counter rotation speed reduced from 80 to 60 (both clockwise and anticlockwise).

  • Waiting time of guards in all levels reduced from 3 seconds to 2 seconds.

  • Movement speed of guards increased by a flat value of 0.8 (both run and walk speed). Animations have been re-adjusted accordingly.

  • Fire rate of some turrets in the Nemesis Campaign levels has been reduced back to 1 second.

  • Circular laser defense system has a new particle effect.

  • Time required to drop replicas, plant bombs, place explosive charges and switch on/off lasers have been reduced.

  • Changed explosion of cargo box.

  • Guards now have an icon to indicate that they are alerted.

Thank you very much for going through the update. Sit tight for awesome changes and surprises. As always, thank you for your support, good luck and keep have fun.

Best Regards

Nishant Borthakur

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