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A colourful game of numbers revolving around a simple concept designed to test and improve your mental dexterity.


Are you fast enough? Play to find out.

pastel endless mode wrong hit
pastel endless mode correct hit
A simple concept

Click on the smallest number when the circle is green and click on the largest number when the circle is red. Get points for correct hits and lose points for every wrong hit. Easy to understand but difficult to master.

pastel quest mode start screen
Challenge yourself

There are two game modes in Pastel. Play the endless mode to beat your own high-score. Try out the quest mode to gauge your performance in a more restricted environment. Your speed will be your only limitation.

pastel endless challenge

Pastel enables you to create your own custom game by manipulating and tweaking the variables that bring a sense of balance in the game. Play around with these values, let them lose and see where it all goes.

pastel custom game
Download Now

Pastel is free and always will be. Download now from Google Play and start your journey of improving your mental agility.

Please note that Pastel does contain ads.


Scan the QR code above to download

directly on Mobile.

In-Game Assets
Share With Friends and Family

You can also share your scores, statistics and performance graphs with your friends and family letting them know how good you are at mastering Pastel.

You can also check out the Developer's Interview with AppOfTheDay

pastel performance share screen
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