Pastel is a number game that is meant both for kids and adults. The concept of the game is simple, click on the smallest number when the circle is green and click on the largest number when the circle is red.


Pastel is a rework of the game "Chromonum" (not available to new users). The primary feature of the game is a performance graph that shows how many right and wrong clicks you have made every ten seconds. This shows how mentally agile you are. Pastel is a great game for kids aspiring to sharpen their minds. Kindly note that this is not a fun-to-play game.


The game leans more on the educational side than the fun side. Playing and completing the "Quest" Mode is sure to strengthen your mental prowess and improve your speed at doing various activities.

Game Modes:

There are 3 game modes:


1. Quests: Timed missions that require you to cross the given objective score. It is a simple campaign style game-play that tests your speed. (Warning: If you complete a quest level please quit to the main menu, if you click on replay your progress will not be saved)


2. Endless: No score threshold, just buy time and try to beat your previous high-score.


3. Custom: Manipulate a few values to create your own number palette and see how it goes.

Quest Performance Graph
Endless Mode Performance Graph
Pastel is free to play

Platform: Android

Size: 24 MB

Contains Ads: Yes

Price: Free

Players: Single-Player

Genre: Casual, Educational

Fun Factor:





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