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Oracle brings to you relevant information and curated data for day-to-day application ranging from news, weather, videos, and much more.

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Don't miss out on current events, stay updated with weather, news and latest stories from around the world. Continue browsing in and out of Oracle if a particular information piece interests you.

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Watch youtube videos outside your recommendation list everyday and get to learn something new. Experience new movies and even good old ones that you have probably never heard of before.

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Make smart purchasing decisions on a wide range of products by considering our list of hot deals hand-picked directly from Amazon. Our list is updated regularly so that you can come across new products everyday.

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Experience a collection of great and amazing books by authors from across the globe on a myriad of topics ranging from war, peace, happiness, love, meditation and personal development. 

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Oracle is free and always will be. Download now from Google Play Store and start browsing today's content.

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1. Comes in 5 different application colours.

2. Schedule an exit event to let the application quit automatically after the specified time.

3. Resources to start your own business online.

4. Save for later and share items with friends and family.

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