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Double Diced


Welcome to the arena of fate. Assemble an army of humans, dwarves, undead, orcs and monsters to mount an offensive on the enemy base. Double Diced is a laid-back single player card game where the A.I. gets stronger as you grow.

double diced dungeon map
double diced desert map

Use your cards to summon warriors that will fight and die in your name. Strive to dominate each lane by making the right decisions and understanding the best counters to each unit as you play along.

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Collect gems and increase your experience. Every second win will grant you access to a new card. Create a powerful multi-racial battalion to counter the enemy and break through their defences.

double diced card game

Earn extra gems by completing quests and recurring expeditions. Remember that your enemy will always start the game with the same number of gems as you. Is Double Diced too easy for you? Try out the expert mode!

double diced quests and expeditions

Double Diced is free and always will be. Download now from Google Play and prepare for battle.

Please note that Double Diced does contain ads and IAP.