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Double Diced

Platform: Android

Size: 151 MB

Contains Ads: Yes

Developer: Spark5

Price: Free

Players: Single-Player

Genre: Casual, Dice

double diced google play link

Welcome to the arena of crystals. Double Diced is a luck based casual adventure that will determine the fate of both you and your foe through a duel at the crystal arena.


Use the yellow bar to set the damage output. Roll the 2 dice and get the coordinates for the magic missile to hit. Be careful, the missile can hit you too, it depends purely on the numbers the dice produced.

There are currently 2 game modes and 4 races.

#Campaign: Play as the human race and conquer the other 3 races (dwarves, orcs and undead) one by one. Hit the enemy with 33 damage exactly and gain a crown. Use your crowns to buy talents and get stronger.

#Skirmish: Pick one out of the four races and dominate your foe in the arena of crystals. Each race has a unique talent.

Good Luck & Have Fun!

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