Welcome to the arena of fate. Play alongside four races: Human, Orcs, Dwarves and the Undead in this real-time single player card game. Use your cards to summon fighters and mount an offensive on the enemy base. Killing an enemy unit or attacking the enemy base will earn you a score. When the timer runs out, the one with higher score wins the game.

Just pick a card and tap on the lane you want to summon your fighter. Wait for your mana pool to fill and then summon again. You can exchange gems for mana and health. Gems can be used to reshuffle your deck. Try your best to win, because losing a game will reduce your gem count by 1.

Rules of the Game:

1. There are five races, four classes and four lanes in the game.

2. Each race has bonus armour (2) and deals bonus damage (3) against one other race.

3. Each class has bonus armour (2) and deals bonus damage (3) against one other class.

4. Each lane can have only 2 of your units. (Same for the enemy)

5. Each card costs mana points that regenerate over time. You can click on the droplet button to replenish your mana pool. Cost: 2 Gems.

6. You can click on the heart button to rejuvenate all your unit's health. Cost: 2 Gems.

7. You can click on the stacked button to reshuffle all your cards. Don't click on this button if you have only 4 cards unlocked. Nothing will change but you will lose 2 gems. Cost: 2 Gems.

8. All races have one unique ability (eg. Undead have 17% life-steal).
9. Landing a successful hit on the enemy base has a chance to increase your gem count by 1.
10. Losing a game will reduce your gem count by 1.
11. You will be rewarded with a new card every second game you win.
12. The enemy starts with the same amount of gems as you.
13. Attack speed of all units will increase as your level increases.
13. Your score increases if you kill an enemy unit or one of your unit successfully enters the enemy base.

Complete quests and collect the rewards to quickly level up your profile. Last but not the least, Good Luck and Have Fun!


Platform: Android

Size: 39 MB

Contains Ads: Yes

Price: Free

Players: Single-Player

Genre: Casual, Arena

Fun Factor:





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