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Welcome to Spark5 Gaming
Check out our games below!

Unreal Estates

Solve simple arithmetic problems involving addition, subtraction, division and multiplication to construct a beautiful monochromatic city. Tap on the correct answer to construct your building.

unreal estates building blocks

Are you a student aspiring to improve your mental agility and amplify your alertness in day-to-day activities? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Play Pastel regularly to augment your overall dexterity.

pastel performance graph
Double Diced

Put together an army of fantastical beings and fight against the enemy in this epic real-time card game. Replenish the health of your units mid-battle with one click and keep the mana bar full for the dark times.

double diced races
Spark Five

Before going nearly extinct, we humans decided to scatter essential life making material across the solar system. This material along with the necessary know-how is going to help us recreate our lost society and start everything afresh. You just need to collect them and bring it to us.


Get a glimpse into a dozen randomly selected items for a number of data sets such as news, videos, movies, apps etc. Oracle is an intersection point and a gateway into less recommended information on the internet.

oracle application screens

We are Spark5 Gaming, a small indie game development group based out of India. Our aim is to create simple games with an out-of-the-box concept that are not just fun to play but have a subtle brainstorming angle to them. Spark Five, Pastel, Unreal Estates and Double Diced are our first four games that are available on the commercial scene. Updates may be slow for each game as we are working on upcoming games. We do constantly strive to find bugs and errors across our games, but you can definitely report to us at our email-ID using the contact form below. Thank you very much for showing interest and have a pleasant day ahead.


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