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Welcome to Project Spark
Help our little android friend navigate across multiple, challenging levels in search of bio-matter. You see, we are in desperate need of those primarily to restore human civilization and undo the damage caused by our own problem child - Artificial Intelligence
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In the near future, humans are terminated at the hands of their own creation. Artificial Intelligence proved to be the last major invention by mankind. Realizing that the inevitable end was drawing closer every passing minute, multiple organizations came together to create a consortium of sorts.
Project Spark was initiated, its sole objective being the restoration of intelligent organic life that would be capable of defeating the dominant Nemesis A.I. Taking advantage of a split in the Nemesis's personality, scientists went on to create a powerful android that would pursue the desired objective long after humans ceased to exist.
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Spark Campaign
Play the Spark Campaign. Search and collect all the bio-mass capsules scattered across the map. Outrun patrolling guards, evade defensive turrets, use phantom replicas and mines to carve your way out to the evacuation point. Good Luck and Have Fun.
Nemesis Campaign
Play the Nemesis Campaign. Search and destroy the experimental labs created by the Spark Project in order to disrupt their mission of renovating human civilization. You have only one chance to do it right and time is against us. Extremely challenging timed missions without checkpoints.
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Take Objectives
Search and retrieve the required amount of biomass scattered across multiple rooms and move to the evacuation point or, destroy the bio-pods containing the seeds of a brand new human civilization. The choice is yours...
Phantom Replica
You will turn into an invulnerable spark on death. Create memory copies of yourself that function as check-points to return to if you die. All levels have limited amount of bombs and phantom replicas. Use your inventory judiciously.
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Hostile Elements
You have landed on a very dangerous and hostile environment. Disarm lasers, outrun guards and evade turrets to complete your mission. Survive, explore, formulate a strategy and apply your best tactics to make your way out.
Challenging Levels
It gets more difficult as you make progress. Remember to have patience and make your move at the right moment. Take advantage of various elements within the map. The "Enable Indicators" option will highlight your objectives and show the field of view of patrolling guards. Check out the detailed documentation to learn more about in-game elements.
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