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A Brief Overview of my Games

Pastel is the rework of "Chromonum". It leans more on the educational side than the fun side. Playing and completing the "Quest" Mode is sure to strengthen your mental prowess and improve your speed at doing various activities. Some of my own performance graphs are shown below.

Spark Five

A game with the same name as that of the organisation, Spark Five is set in a post-apocalyptic scene. The game involves a lot of placing explosives at the right place and switching off lasers to make your way to the objective.

There are currently 35 chapters spanning across 2 campaigns and 1 free-mode to practice the game. The game involves a lot of trial-and-error due to the lack of any information as to where the objective is located (which makes the game more fun).

Spark Five is available on Steam and has partial controller support along with 24 achievements that you can earn while playing the game. The Spark Campaign consists of an enhancement section, where you can improve your droid and amplify your chance of completing the chapters.

Unreal Estates

Unreal Estates is as simple as a game can get and yet be fun with a friend. Just click on the blocks to acquire money. The player at the end with the greater valuation wins. Simple isn't it.

If you end up clicking a orange tile you will have to pay some tax on the profits you earn. Not much, just 10%.

You can play and try out your luck with the A.I. if you don't have a friend immediately around.

Unreal Estate: Dark Mode

This game is an independent paid version of the original. The dark mode lacks ads and is of course dark. The gameplay is the same.

There are however, few differences in this version of the game. We expect to take this game on a different experimental road in the near upcoming future. Pull up your sleeves for the endless mode.

Double Diced

Double Diced is an idle-clicker game where you fight to resolve issues in the arena of crystals: a tiny stadium that is decorated with the crystals of your team and your enemy's.

You set the damage using the yellow bar and roll both the dice. You will get two numbers that resemble a coordinate on the arena of crystals. The crystal occupying that particular coordinate will be destroyed. If it is your crystal, you lose health. If it is the crystal of the enemy team, then they receive damage.

The campaign has 15 levels spanning across 3 biomes and 4 races. The skirmish mode allows you to select other races, each with their unique talents. Double Diced is a very simple game that doesn't require brainstorming but can't be mastered either.

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